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Children’s eyes

Children’s eyes

Dr. Mustafa Azab is a consultant ophthalmologist and his specialty is pediatric ophthalmology and surgery and treatment around children and adults. Dr. Mustafa has received distinguished training in the field of pediatric ophthalmology and surgery, and he has a special talent in dealing with children.

Why are children’s eyes different from adults’ eyes?

Children’s eyes differ from adults’ eyes in every way. The composition of children’s eyes is different from the composition of adult eyes, and the diseases that affect children’s eyes are different and their treatments are different. Also, surgeries performed on children’s eyes require different skills and completely different follow-up than those of adults. Even the drops used in children’s eyes are also different.

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Pediatric ophthalmologist

Since children’s eyes are different, dealing with children’s eyes requires different training and different skills than dealing with adults’ eyes. Dr. Mustafa Azab has received several training and certificates in the field of pediatric ophthalmology. He has also participated in many prestigious scientific societies in the field of pediatric ophthalmology and surgery, which has qualified him to be able to examine children’s eyes, diagnose their various diseases, and deal with them with simplicity and experience. In addition to years of experience and training, Dr. Mustafa Azab is talented in dealing with children. The clinic is also equipped to make the examination easy for the child, and the child’s visit to the clinic becomes pleasant for him and he becomes more cooperative during the examination.

عيون الأطفال

Special services for children’s eyes

These are some of the services we can provide to children

Eye examination of newborns

The eyes of newborn babies should be examined at the age of one month to avoid the presence of birth defects, congenital poor vision, or some tumors at the age of one month. Newborn babies cannot complain about their eyes. Also, the apparent symptoms of many diseases that affect children’s eyes do not appear until late. Therefore, all newborns should have their eyes examined at the age of one month without waiting.

Retinal examination of premature infants

Premature babies are babies who were born before the ninth month or who were suffering from breathing problems after birth or any other diseases or who weighed less than 2 kg and were detained in the nursery. Premature babies suffer from retinopathy, and to ensure that this retinopathy does not develop, God forbid, into vision deficiency in the child, the premature baby’s fundus must be examined before the age of one month.

Children’s vision examination

Examining children’s eyesight requires different devices and completely different methods. Treating vision defects in children requires completely different methods. The picture shows a child whose vision is measured by Dr. Mustafa Azab while she is watching her favorite cartoon. Children usually refuse to be examined on the usual adult devices due to their large size and requiring greater cooperation from the patient, which makes it difficult for the doctor to examine the child unless the doctor specializes in dealing with children.

Treatment around children

The child who suffers from strabismus is fully examined and the type of strabismus and the type of eye movement defect are determined. The presence of birth defects, defects in vision, or any other causes that may lead to strabismus is also excluded. Lazy eyes or any other problems that may result from strabismus in children are also detected.

Treatment of cataracts in children

Cataracts in children are completely different from cataracts in adults, and treating them requires completely different surgical skills, as well as following up on the patient, coordinating the treatment plan, and following up on vision response, eye growth, and visual functions  after the operation. This is what we have in order to obtain the best results for our children’s eyes.

Diagnosis and treatment of many children’s eye diseases

Such as vision defects, tear duct blockage, birth defects, retinal diseases, glaucoma, and other children’s eye diseases.


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