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Dr. Mostafa Azzab

Dr. Mostafa Azzab is an ophthalmology consultant specialized in pediatric eye surgeries and management of strabismus. Dr. Mostafa also has a lot of other surgical skills like cataract surgeries and refractive surgeries.

Dr. Mostafa Azzab got many local and international certifications

MSc of Ophthalmology
Member of The International Council of Ophthalmology
Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons

And a member of highly specialized scientific communities

Egyptian Ophthalmic Society
Egyptian Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus
Egyptian Society of Strabismus

Surgical Skills

All types of strabismus surgeries
Kids eye surgeries like pediatric cataract and others pediatric eye surgeries
All types of cataract surgeries
All types of laser refractive surgeries and intraocular lenses implantation


Squint surgeries of all types, such as exotropia, medial strabismus, and other types of strabismus at different ages, whether in children or adults.

Pediatric eye surgeries such as pediatric cataracts (congenital cataracts)

Treating cataracts in adults with sound waves (laser) (phaco) and implanting the finest types of lenses

Correcting vision defects such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism with the latest types of vision correction lasers: surface laser (surface LASIK), femtolaser (femtolaser), femtosmile, and refractive lens implants.

Dr. Mostafa Azzab

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